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The Court gave Parliament one year to change the laws, or same-sex marriage would be legalized by default.

In November 2006, Parliament passed the Civil Union Act, under which both same-sex and opposite-sex couples may contract unions.

The only information on the whereabouts of sex offenders in Ireland which is held centrally by the Gardaí is a certificate issued by the court in relation to those convicted by the court of sexual offences.

This certificate states that the convicted person is now subject to the requirements of the Sex Offenders Act, 2001.

In the survey, nearly 70% said their relationships had suffered as a result.Women’s health expert and GP, Dr Sarah Jarvis, says women should overcome their shyness and seek help."It always seems sad to me that so many women suffer in silence with common menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, because they are embarrassed to speak to their GP.Sex can become less enjoyable for some women after the menopause.The natural decline in oestrogen levels can make it uncomfortable.

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