Trollz the dating game

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Season: 15 Episode: 14 Total Episode Count: 283 EACX11 First Aired: March 5, 2017 Featuring: Quagmire Also Appearing: Stewie, Lois, Brian, Peter, Joe, Cleveland, Bonnie, Donna, Jerome, Rupert, Mort, Mayor Adam West, Al Harrington, Seamus, Carl, Dr.Whenever I purchased a game that did not directly come from the distributor I was able to look through all our inventory and pick out the nicest copy of a game, including grabbing the nicest box and manual.As a result, the games in my collection are mostly PRISTINE! More than 99% of the CD-based games have a box and manual.When the guys get ready for a golf game, they find Quagmire has transformed into a troll-like creature.Their attempts to make him realize what he has become are rebuffed, but when a girl flirts with him at the bar, he realizes that he has lost his original sex-hunting skills, but they quickly come back to him as he scores with the girl after spinning a yarn about a dead twin brother.

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