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j Query and the documentation file need to be named the same with the exception that the documentation file end with

This article describes how to update your Java Script files (and app-specific files) and add-in manifest validation file in your Office Add-in project to version 1.1.

The following instructions will help you get started using this tool to make writing j Query scripts faster than ever. At the top of the Java Script file in which you would like to have j Query Intelli Sense enabled, you will need to add a line to reference the documentation file: There are a couple of scenarios that may affect if you include a reference to the VSDOC file or not.

If in doubt, just add a reference to the documentation file.

Note that the update process is applied on a Note: After updating the version of the add-in manifest schema to 1.1, you will need to remove the Capabilities and Capability elements, and replace them with either the Hosts and Host elements or the Requirements and Requirement elements.

For projects created before the release of v1.1 of the Java Script API for Office and add-in manifest schema, you need to update your add-in's HTML pages to reference CDN of the v1.1 library, and update your add-in's manifest file to use schema v1.1.

Enhanced VS2012 Javascript intellisense for variables, properties, methods even prototype's methods!

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" I've been saying, jokingly, that the answer is "yesterday" as there's nothing keeping you from creating HTML5 in Visual Studio or ASP. However, there's no intellisense and there's lots of squiggly lines that make people uncomfortable.Is anyone else experiencing a problem with Visual Studio 2008 Intellisense with j Query and jq Modal?It seems that jq Modal (a j Query plugin for modal dialogs) is breaking j Query Intellisense on my Visual Studio 2008 setup.If you are linking to j Query by the Google Code AJAX Library or are linking to j Query from anywhere outside of your project you will need to reference the documentation file.From each ASPX page you want j Query Intelli Sense you’ll want to call the reference within a server-side conditional statement so that the documentation file will still load in Visual Studio but will not load at run-time.

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