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Sebring Raceway is also the site of many car races including NASCAR CART during the year. Celebrating the 125th anniversary of The Coca-Cola Company bottling operations, this commemorative Coke bottle has a bright red label.

The bottle features checkerboard racing stripes and Sebring 50th anniversary logo. 2011 marks the first in a series of anniversary celebrations recognizing 125 years of sharing happiness. Copied after the rare Root bottle, this replica Coca-Cola bottle comes with a collectors tag.

Assuring motorists that the oil in those drums was really as advertising and not just some inferior-quality substitute, oil companies embossed their names and logos on the sides of these clear bottles.To sell the house yourself you need to know what the professional realtor knows.Realtors study price trends and know the importance of comparable recent sales data.A side interest for serious petroliana fans are the salesmen samples and briefcases these bottles were carried in.Sample bottles are typically tall and narrow, almost like test tubes, so lots of them could fit into a portfolio.

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