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A post shared by Women's March (@womensmarch) on People are posting their photos from graduation day on social media with the hashtag, making many people emotional wrecks in the process (in the best way, of course).Others have decorated their graduation caps, and the results are beautiful and evocative.Housing was largely unsanitary, in disrepair, and overcrowded by the city’s poorest immigrants.In response to increased housing demand at the turn of the century, landlords profited by subdividing land and raising rents which, in turn, forced many families to double-up in order to fulfill payments[4].Louis.[2] Busch also donated millions to charitable causes both inside and outside of the German-American community and gave small but not inexpensive gifts to individuals with whom he crossed paths, in part to impress them with the wealth and success he had attained in the New World.Throughout his life, Busch made frequent return trips to his German homeland, where he maintained the ethnic bonds that defined much of his character.Some forms of heritage can only be preserved through memory. James Macaulay was granted one hundred acres of land in central Toronto [1].

Crowding worsened as the pre-war construction projects of Old City Hall and the Toronto General Hospital swallowed up large tracts of The Ward[6].

I defied the stereotype, graduated a year earlier, and still have yet to continue my professional journey. #classof2017 #graduation #immigrad #immigrads #heretostay A post shared by Ana Cuevas 🦋 (@anabananaz8) on Although each person’s story will look different, through them all is a sense of pride and an attitude of resilience that, yes, the hard work may be done for now — but there will be plenty of opportunities to fight in the future.

I came to this country when I was 8 years old with the dream of graduating from an American university.

By 1850, old Macaulaytown was already branded as a slum[2]. John’s Ward in 1880[3], the disreputable nature of this area bounded by Yonge Street, University Avenue, College Street, and Queen Street caused its name to be corrupted into “The Ward”.

The Ward consisted of a mixture of residential and light industry land uses.

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